Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Scientology Crime Syndicate Hires Murderers

"...Wonders never cease. Last week David Miscavige (Scientology's top crime boss) ordered Continential Airlines records be hacked into. From this, he learned of a flight from New York that Marty Rathbun (ex-Scientology crime boss) was scheduled to take on Friday, July 17. He put PI Vinnie Parco, a character right out of central casting onto the same flight.

Vinnie so overtly attempted to befriend Marty that it was ridiculous. As Marty explained, "Vinnie is so incompetent, I caught him debriefing on his conversation with me by cell phone at a layover in Houston."

You've seen the rock, now let's look under it. According to Wikipedia,

1.Vinnie Parco is not only a convicted felon, but...

2.Vincent Parco illegally sold a gun with a silencer to Carolyn Warmus who used it to murder her ex-lover's wife.

3.In the trial, it came out that Vinnie Parco had also tried to hire a hit man to kill Warmus=92s ex-lovers wife. Parco only avoided a murder conviction by turning against his one-time client and lover, though Parco was married at the time, and testifying for the prosecution.

4.Parco said later his attempt to contract a killing was "nine years ago. I've grown a lot since then."

5.In fact he grew so much that in 2006 US District Judge Susan Bucklew had to intervene when Vinnie Parco was caught tampering with the jury and witnesses during a mobster=92s racketeering trial.

So THIS is who David Miscavige (the criminal mastermind who subverted the Church of Scientology) hires to stop Marty from exposing David Miscavige's crimes: Vinnie Parco, a man who could have been convicted of murder?

You see, when Miscavige=92s normal Go-to-Guy, Tommy Davis, isn't good enough (even though Tommy works for free) Miscavige spends the extra cash (parishioner donations) to hire his extra special Go-to-Guy, Vinnie Parco!

Can anyone think of a more greasy, putrid, willing-to-do-anything-for-money-no-matter-how-unsavory person?

Gosh, just thought of a question... What is David Miscavige doing at the head of a religion that hires murderers?



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